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We can shepherd you through the process of GFSI (SQF / BRC) preparation, from document design, assisting in getting the required processes set up and/or refined and training the relevant staff in the GFSI scheme requirements. Our expertise in attaining and maintaining GFSI certifications and staff training will provide what you need to interpret and execute to the standard pertinent to your operation. With the unannounced audit every three years for some requirement in place, your firm needs to have a strong GFSI foundation to live the standard every day. We can provide what you need to be successful in this standard which more and more customers are requiring their suppliers to show compliance.


Audits are key to determining completion, compliance and implementation. We provide auditing among our various services for that reason, and we can custom audit to your basic or special requirements. With our 35+ years of auditing experience, beyond GFSI, basic GMP, Supplier, Sanitation and FSMA, we can meet your needs for targeted product or process audits as an unbiased third party. Periodic reviews of your systems and processes by an outside party provides feedback that you might be missing during your own internal audits.


Organic and Non-GMO
Preparing your facility for organic production is a daunting process, especially if you have organic and non-organic production in the same plant. We will work with you to identify potential cross contamination issues, as well as compliance to the requirements of the current federal requirements to be recognized and certified as organic. Staff awareness and compliance training is an integral part of this service.


With the consumer becoming aware that declaring a product as “natural” does not guarantee freedom from pesticides, chemicals and questionable processing practices, the certification as organic does and is monitored to assure compliance.


We can prepare you for certification to the requirements of the Non-GMO Project before you apply for certification from one of their four certifying bodies. This will help smooth your way to becoming compliant and able to include certification as Non-GMO as one of your product benefits. Non-GMO has become a major consumer issue and achieving Non-GMO status provides a real boost to your marketing efforts.


FSMA Implementation/Supplier Quality / Verification
Both George and Len are Preventive Controls Qualified Individuals as required by FSMA for the Food Safety Plan/Preventive Controls. To that end, TQI Group has had extensive experience in developing programs and systems to support FSMA Implementation and Supplier Quality programs including the training required to make them work. Programs we have provided include Food Safety Plans, Preventive Controls, Hazard Analysis, GMP’s as well as Supplier Expectation Manual, Supplier Assessment and Supplier Certification, Supplier Verification and Ongoing Supplier Monitoring and Systems Development.


Quality Systems
We at TQI Group can put our experience and expertise to work for you, assisting in your quality process, from development through training / implementation and subsequent compliance auditing. We have as part of our offerings System SWOT Analysis, Commercialization Process, QCMS development, Product Specification, Raw Material Control / Specification, Quality and Operations Integration, Finished Product Evaluation processes, In-Process Control / Specification, Control of Non-Conforming Product and Corrective Action / Preventive Action (CAPA).


Are you producing what your salesforce is promoting? The integration of external expectations from your customers and your internal expectations from your process teams is key to customer satisfaction and growth. A robust and integrated quality system will move you forward and assure that these needs are continuously met.


Sanitation and Sanitary Design
Cleaning and sanitation have become more crucial to meeting the food safety requirements of today’s regulatory atmosphere and the marketplace. A critical part is assuring that your facilities and equipment are cleanable to the extent that is needed without extra unnecessary disassembly and downtime. We can assist in evaluating your systems are both capable of efficient cleaning/sanitizing as well as your overall sanitation efforts. With the final rollout of FSMA’s Preventive Controls rules Sanitation has a major role in meeting this new part of the mandated Food Safety Plan.



George Mouzon
Chief  Technical Officer

Len Haring
Chief Compliance Officer

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