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JAD Regulatory consulting Inc is welcoming a partnership with Total Quality Integration group to broaden our auditing pool and with a strong footprint into the Bakery and food sector under BRC standard/SQF, we welcome the owners: George Mouzon-Chief Technical manager & Len Haring Chief Compliance officer. Click "News Blast" to read their Bio's.
Are you Looking for an experienced Consultant?

At JAD Regulatory Consulting, Inc. we partner your needs with the ideal Consultant. Our team is comprised of former FDA & industry experts with over 70 years of experience.

Comprehensive Capabilities. Proven Experience.

Our team of experts will evaluate your product and based on regulations, will determine product classification and compliance requirements for approval.

About JAD Regulatory Consulting, Inc.

JAD Regulatory Consulting’s team of highly experienced FDA and industry experts has offered compliance, regulatory affairs, and technical services to clients around the world.

Why Choose Jad Regulatory Consulting, Inc?

FDA Regulations & Standards Specialist for Food, Drugs, Medical Devices and Cosmetics.


JAD Regulatory Consulting Inc. was established to provide cost effective U.S. Food and Drug Administration compliance solutions anywhere in the world. We provide regulatory and scientific quality service at a reasonable cost.


Our services include all areas of the US. Food and Drug Administration requirements such as: Foods, Medical Devices, Cosmetics and Drugs. We have the actual FDA Investigator’s that were in charge of making admissible decisions on all U.S. FDA regulated products that were imported into the U.S.A.


We invite you to take advantage of our no-nonsense hands on approach to achieving compliance with FDA regulations and requirements. Our experienced staff is ready to assist you to become compliant with the FDA regulations.


JAD Regulatory Consulting Inc. was formed in 2008 when we discovered that other consulting firms were charging their clients too much for FDA regulatory consulting services and they lacked the actual FDA Investigators who are actual regulators of our Import Community, national and internationally.


We respect our client’s budgetary limitations and charge less for our services. This is possible because we do not spend money on unnecessary expenses. We have the actual FDA Investigator’s that worked for the FDA.


We have built a network throughout the Import community and a cohesive team for virtually any project size or skill required.


JAD Regulatory Consulting Inc. will save your company time and money and the assurance of being in compliance with FDA regulations.

What We Do

Our Company is an industry leading consulting firm specializing in providing professional consulting services to companies that need to comply with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration.


As seasoned FDA consultants, we offer precise interpretation of FDA regulations and work closely with the U.S. FDA to ensure the public’s safety, product integrity and to protect your bottom line.

Call today and speak with one of our experienced former FDA officials to learn more about how JAD Regulatory Consulting Inc. can help you gain FDA approval for your product.

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JAD Regulatory Consulting, Inc. is comprised of Former FDA & Industry Experts Let us navigate you through rigorous regulatory challenges and provide the highest level of professional support to help you succeed.