Candice Carmichael, REHS

Independent Associate

Independent Associate, Specialty: Retail audits of restaurants, grocery stores and retail establishments, Environmental and Food Health Safety Inspections / Water systems Inspections / Waste Water Treatment / Epidemic preparedness and responsive training/Laboratory Research working with bacteria such as E.Coli and Chlamydia / Food Borne Pathogens / Lab Safety Standards / Pool Quality Standards/Cell plating/ Equipment sterilization/ Risk Management Inspections/Health and Safety Inspections

Public Health Professional Profile:

Bachelors of Science Degree in Biology. Current experience as a Health and Environmental Inspector. Dedicated to improving the quality of human health and the environment. Comfortable working in both team-based and independent settings.

Professional Development:

Bachelor of Science in Biology, 2006 – UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS; SAN ANTONIO, TX

  • Selected Coursework: Micro and Cellular Biology, Genetics, Pathology, Biochemistry and Physics
  • Recognition: Student 2000 – 2006

Technology Skills Summary: Decade inspection software program, Report Builder, Power Point., Excel, Word, Access and Microsoft Office Suite.

Professional Experience:

Food Safety Auditor II (Fall 2012-Present) –Underwriters Laboratory/Everclean Services

Provide independent and objective audits conducted by nationally state-registered sanitarians or food safety professionals, encompassing all aspects of food safety and sanitation. Also provide liaison for clients with local health departments for hearings and phone calls, a presence that brings peace of mind by providing all the information necessary in times of need. I also advise managers in specific ways to improve food safety and lower liability and manage guest communications for clients encountering and increase in food complaints and formal investigations of food borne illness. I also do Risk Management Inspections of different golf course facilities and check for several things such as certifications required from the different staff such as Licensed Pest Applicator, CPR/First Aid, and Certified Pool Operator. I also check for MSDS sheets for the chemicals used and that the licensed applicator is applying the restricted use chemicals.

  • Determine the presence of pathogens in products or on a surface after a specified cleaning procedure.
  • Perform food borne illness investigations.
  • Create HACCP plans for individual menu items or entire menus through a retail HACCP process that is in accord with local regulations.
  • Provide food safety audits according to the state food code and FDA food code.
  • Teach food safety classes to restaurant managers and cooks.
  • Provide food safety audits to restaurants and different food retailers.
  • Do Risk Management and Safety Inspections of different golf courses in the region.
  • Check that all safety equipment is provided for staff, to prevent injury.
  • Makes sure that an Emergency Response Plan is in place for the facility.


Environmental Health Specialist (Winter 2011- Fall 2012) – City of Saint Louis Park Inspections Dept.

Responsible for providing environmental health inspections of food, pools, and lodging facilities as needed under the state Minnesota Dept of Health/Minnesota Dept of Agriculture Delegation agreements. Position focus is on compliance of licensed facilities to state and local codes and to resolve complaints. Provide education, perform plan reviews, investigation complaints, prepare reports, and assist the public to ensure the general health and welfare of the community, and assist other department activities as needed.

  • Investigates complaints about licensed facilities and works with other agencies to handle food-borne illness outbreaks.
  • Educates owners on code requirements and serve as an information resource.
  • Explains and issues inspection reports to the person in charge.
  • Follows up to verify corrections have been completed.
  • Prepare and file written reports.
  • Verifies all businesses required to be licensed are in compliance.
  • Perform inspections as needed or assigned based on regular, temporary, and/or emergency inspection needs.
  • Perform plan reviewes for propsed facilities and alternations to exisiting facilities as assigned.
  • Perform on site-inspections to assure compliance with final plan reviews.
  • Work with others on plan reviews and approvals.
  • Assist with inspection of properties to verify compliance with city Property Maintenance Code, include at time of sale and rental property, inspections as needed.


Food Safety Auditor (Fall 2008-Spring 2009 – part -time) – Consulting Nutritional Services

Identify food safety and sanitation issues, with the auditing process that is based on the 2001 Food Code and industry-wide best practices. Also provide methods to improve procedures, for employee behavior to minimize risk and liability. Provided applicable solutions and developed a partnership that maintained the highest level of food safety and sanitation. Protect customers from food borne illness and protected operation’s reputation and business. Provided a proactive approach to health code compliance before the health inspector arrives.


Environmental and Food Health Inspector (2006- 2008) ¾ City of San Antonio, TX

Perform regularly scheduled and non scheduled inspections for various businesses in the surrounding areas for potential and existing health and safety hazards in an assigned area of the city.

  • Train and mentor team members to improve both understanding and capabilities in health inspections and government regulatory standards outlined by organizations including OSHA, EPA, NEHA, FDA and Texas Department of Health and Human Services.
  • Investigate complaints about food borne illnesses and inappropriate restaurant conditions and report conditions found; explain to property owners or contractors requirements for correcting any violations and provide carbon copy of the Food Inspection Report. Make sure clients follow procedures and adhere to the food laws, usual follow ups two days to a week depending on severity of the establishment.
  • Inspection of day care centers to determine approval for childcare license and renewal through the checking of: water and refrigeration temperatures, ensuring medical kits are available and easily accessible to adults, and ensuring that electrical outlets are child safe.
  • Collect water samples in accordance with regulatory guidelines. Transport samples to laboratory and document level readings.



  • Lambda Psi Delta Sorority Incorporated; Coordinates and plans events and meetings member since 2006 as Intake Coordinator.
  • Multiple Sclerosis Society; Assist with fund raising; raised 500 dollars.
  • National Environmental Health Association; To learn the advancement of environmental health and a protection professional for the purpose of providing a healthful environment for all. Member since 2006.
  • Minnesota Environmental Health Association;To learn the advancement of environmental health in Minnesota and a protection professional for the purpose of providing a healthful environment for all. Member since 2009.


Professional Licenses

  • Registered Sanitarian in the State of Texas; 9/30/2013 thru 9/30/2017
  • Standardized Food Inspection Officer; 06/23/2013 thru 09/25/2015
  • Certified Pool/Spa Operator; 06/18/2008 thru 06/18/2013
  • CPR Certified; 10/26/11 thru 10/26/2013
  • First Aid Certified; 10/26/2010 thru 10/26/2013

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