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Who we Are and What we can do for YOU !
JAD is a U.S. FDA Regulatory affairs & global Consulting company with extensive experience in the strategic development of helping companies meet U.S. FDA Regulatory Requirements.


Our mission is to assist Foreign & Domestic manufacturers in developing and implementing cost-effective regulatory and business strategies to meet U.S. FDA regulations and requirements for their specific products. We welcome the opportunity to be of service.


We strive to establish an effective working relationship between the client and the Food and Drug Administration and managing an approved manufacturing facility.


Compliance with U.S. FDA Regulations is the surest way to dramatically increase the value of your products and to expand to the global market. However, the FDA can also cause serious financial consequences as well as irrevocable damages on the corporate image if not complied within a timely manner. Particularly the last year’s imports alone, the FDA had refused more than 15,500 products from abroad, and this strict screening process is expected to continue.


Our Business:

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JAD Regulatory Consulting Inc. serves Internationally and U.S. companies by providing excellent quality, regulatory, and compliance solutions and expertise. Our aim is to help you achieve your project goals and objectives, on time and within budget, while complying with the current appropriate regulations and requirements. We build excellent working relationships and help businesses achieve their objectives and goals.


We provide a balanced and compliant perspective by providing both industry experts and former FDA Investigators to perform audits.


We are able to visit your foreign, domestic establishment or vendor site and conduct a technical review or mock audit: Foreign mock audits for FSMA, FDA mock inspection, HACCP audit, LACF, Seafood HACCP and GFSI Gap assessment. This includes: Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic or medical devices as well.


We offer a complete inspection of your facilities in the similar manner as the FDA to meet U.S. FDA Regulations.


JAD Regulatory Consulting Inc. can help you develop strategic plans to ensure legal compliance, designed to maximize the safety, efficacy, and commercial value of your products to withstand all regulatory scrutiny, while saving your company time and money.


JAD Regulatory Consulting Inc. will work hard to have your company in compliance with FDA Regulations!


We welcome the opportunity to be of service to you – Contact Us - with any questions you might have.