George T. Mouzon


George T. Mouzon

Chief Technical Officer

George T. Mouzon is the Chief Technical Officer at Total Quality Integration Group, a New Jersey based consulting firm with a mission to “Transform the quality, wholesomeness, and food safety of the food industry supply chain”. George has more than 35+ years of wide-ranging experience in leading Quality organizations at: Standard Brands, Nabisco, Kraft, Wrigley, and Menu Foods, and Tribeca Oven/CH Guenther.


George is an innovative extensively qualified quality professional with a strong background in strategic development and organizational/process dynamics. George’s vast experience coupled with his key certifications which include but not limited to the following: BRC Certified Auditor, Preventive Controls Qualified Individual for FSMA, SQF, HACCP/Food Safety, Certified Quality Control Sanitarian, Quality Auditing, Thermal Processing/Acidified Foods/Aseptic Packaging, Kaizen, TQM, Statistical Process Control, and Registered Professional Sanitarian has given him a profound insight into the ever changing dynamic of quality, food safety, and wholesomeness of food industry supply chain.


George has demonstrated consistent success in the development and implementation of quality systems across a vast span of products and process technologies in the food industry such as: Baking, Confectionery, Sauces &Condiments, Cereals, Fat/Oils, Thermal Processing, Acidified Foods, Aseptic Processing, Pet Foods/Snacks Desserts, Nuts, Salted Snacks and Gum.


His background includes the strategic development and execution of diverse systems as: Supplier Quality/Vendor, GFSI Compliance (SQF &BRC), Non-GMO Processing, Organic Processing, Quality Management Systems, Lean Six Sigma, Kaizen, SPC, TPM, Sanitation/Sanitary Design, Continuous Improvement, Risk Assessment/Root Cause Analysis, Quality Auditing, New Venture Quality Assessment Process, and Quality Integration Process.


As Director of Quality for Tribeca Oven/CH Guenther he led the strategic focus on Quality Integration. The demonstrated results of this focus achieved 20% reduction in customer complaints, SQF certification with sustained improvement, 20% reduction of product holds each year, 50% improvement Sanitation rating. This was accomplished as the business was growing more than 20% each of the five years of his tenure.


While at Wrigley, George managed the overall integration of the quality processes for the $1,500,000,000 Kraft Confections acquisition. He developed the quality strategies for new confectionery business; managed the critical linkages between supply chain, global quality, external manufacturing, research and development, and engineering that resulted in the smooth transition of products and process expertise for continued production; collaborated with consumer services to build consumer insight and enhance the consumer data-utilization processes; and managed quality aspects for $44,000,000 in new product launches and developed the qualification model for the Wrigley New Product Verification process.


Success at Kraft Foods included the following: Directed all the aspects of quality for Kraft Foods $600,000,000 confectionery business unit, developed quality strategies for business unit integration, products, and packages, led strategic focus to drive quality into business as a demand-generating business process, established the measures and targets for Division Quality key performance indicators.


During George’s tenure at Nabisco he directed the quality and project management support for Grocery Division including: $130,000,000 pet snacks; $200,000,000 hot cereal; and $400,000,000 specialty products such as desserts, condiments, thermal and acidified process foods.


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